What I offer

What I can help you with
Behaviour is often unconscious and unintentional; insight into our behaviour can be illuminating and helpful.
The feedback and tools that I offer show the effect of your (un)conscious behaviour, and how you can adjust it. Ultimately you do it yourself, but I can give you some useful, practical tips along the way!
Trainings actress
As a trainings actress I offer training for businesses, retail, care institutions, tourism, temping and non-profit organisations.
Issues I can help with

  • Communication
  • Customer-focused behaviour
  • Active listening
  • Assertiveness
  • Presentation Skills
  • Challenging conversations
  • Dealing with other people’s emotions
  • Handling conversations about bad news, conflicts, employee reviews
  • Reaching intelligent agreements
  • Giving and receiving feedback


For trainers and coaches: as well as acting in training situations I love helping trainers prepare the content of a session. Deciding which forms and energisers are suitable for the participants of a particular training.
Companies I work for

Albert Heijn, Tempo Team, Bol.com, Dutch Council for Refugees, Specsavers, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, University of Applied Sciences The Hague, Youthcare Utrecht, Lister Utrecht, Detailresult Group, ‘Oudstanding’ Temp Agency, DSM and GHOR ZHZ

Examples of requests I have had

  • One of my colleagues keeps asking for help, sometimes a dozen times a day. I told her I have no time, but it just doesn’t stop.
  • I have been tasked to form a project team. How do I engage people for the project and how do I make sure they collaborate successfully?
  • I believe that I was clear in my communication, but my colleagues still don’t do what I ask.
  • I know people are talking behind my back; something is bothering, irritating them. I really want to find out what it is.
  • One of my colleagues is a real pessimist. I try cheering her up, but I feel drained at the end of a day.
  • I was so determined to have my say in that meeting … but I couldn’t get a word in. My colleague always beats me to it.
  • I am facing reviews with underperforming staff. How do I handle that?