Role Playing in Training

What does a trainings actress do?
I train and coach clients who want to improve their communication skills. Using role play and concrete feedback, you learn about the effect of your behaviour on those around you.
I will help you gain insights and provide practical tools you can apply immediately.
In role play we work in a safe environment on particular questions you may have. This has proved to be a very effective way of learning. Working with a trainings actress gives clear insights into your way of communicating and the effects of your style of communication. In other words: I help you look into a mirror.
I work both one-to-one and in groups.
I often work with a specialist communication trainer but also offer short coaching sessions in real life situations.
How does it work?

During role play I mirror your behaviour so you become aware of the impression you make on others. After role play I give clear and factual feedback. I might, for example say ‘I noticed that you do not look at me while talking’. That gives me the impression that you are unsure of what you are saying. Instead of just saying ‘You are uncertain’ (an interpretation). So I focus on what I observe and what I hear (the facts) and the impact that it has on me.

Participants receive positive feedback and insight into aspects they could work on. With that in mind we can practice again. And again and again if needed!

You can also ‘order’ specific behaviour from me, for example typical behaviour of people you find challenging. What situations or behaviour do you find difficult to cope with? Dominant or rude colleagues, critics, introverts or know-it-all’s? I can assume that role, act out that specific behaviour and we then explore how to deal with that behaviour in an effective way!

Role play is not about right or wrong. It is about sensing and observing what is effective and what is not. What type of behaviour helps you to relate, to engage, and which behaviour alienates.

Deirdre made an incredible impact in my persuasive communication training […] Role playing is a great way to bring key learnings into practice! Chantal Vroom-Bezuijen, 2017
Frequently asked questions

Why work with Deirdre?

I am a professional actress and certified trainings actress with a thorough knowledge of current communication models. I can both immediately and realistically play any role and behaviour, and provide constructive feedback on what I observe.

What would I gain?

You will gain confidence and become a better communicator.
You will push your boundaries and gain new experiences.
Your work and your interactions with colleagues will be more enjoyable.
Let me move you!

How would my organisation benefit? 

Internal communication and collaboration will improve. Employees will no longer avoid challenging situations and can grow in their job.
Cohesion and morale will improve, as colleagues communicate more openly and effectively.

The working atmosphere in your office will improve and so will productivity.

This is what I do …
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