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Individuele coaching

Deirdre is a coaching actress with fantastic intuition and insight – this makes her coaching unique in its approach and very effective. Working with her and Chantal to role-play and practice new behaviours helped me quickly develop new skills and gather feedback along the way.
Communications Manager

Basel, 2018

You know that to effectively get your message across, the way you communicate is at least as important as the content of the message, but do you also know what works for you and what doesn’t? With her unique ability to quickly spot these areas where non-verbal communication is supporting your message and where it is hampering it, Deirdre was able to give me practical advice that immediately improved the impact of the messages I was trying to convey without loosing authenticity.
Business Controller

DSM, Basel 2018

I went into my session with Deirdre a bit blindly but got some great eye-openers coming out. She is practical, professional and insightful. Absolutely recommended for those looking to better understand their impact on others.

Director of Marketing

Large FMCG, 2018

Honestly you got the heart of it. You could sense me, spot the weak point and transmit back what I convey. You gave me a lot of valuable and critical advice (be rooted, be connected, breathe deeply, keep it short and above all be yourself). Discovered so many things about my blind spot. Awareness is the starting point of progression and I will progress! This awareness will help me not only to pursue my intention but to take direction. Thank you!
Head of Project Office

Basel, 2017

Deirdre’s methodology is perfect for efficient and focused communication. You decide the situation, she will mirror your style and feed back the effect you have on people – which most of the times is very different from one’s own perception and what you want to achieve. Hence she maximizes your communication style in real-life simulated situations. I found her approach goal-oriented, providing a tool for dealing with often times tricky situations, be it employee appraisals, hierarchy appropriate styles, and any situation one may have to deal with. I highly recommend Deirdre’s methodology and Deirdre as a coach.
Gerda van den Bergh

Head of Management, Art Basel Cities, Art Basel 2017

Deirdre mirrors your behaviour to help understand how your communication comes across. She will guide you in a professional way to practice being the person one listens to and is heard. Thank you, Deirdre!

Project Manager

F. Hoffmann La Roche, 2018


Deirdre werkt als trainer voor TAT beroepsopleidingen.
Op eigen, rustige wijze weet zij de studenten te inspireren, motiveren en activeren zodat zij op professioneel en persoonlijk vlak een groei doormaken. Dit doet zij op een respectvolle wijze. Studenten zijn dan ook lovend over de lessen van Deirdre. En vragen regelmatig of Deirdre nogmaals wil komen trainen. 
Als collega waardeer ik Deirdre om haar puurheid, betrouwbaarheid en ‘drive’ om het beste uit onze studenten te halen. Ik zet haar dan ook graag in voor de Rollenspeldagen en lessen Communicatie en Presentatie.
Nicole Tros


As a trainer in communication skills in Basel, I have hired Deirdre to join in multiple trainings. The effect has been massive and all my clients have noticed how much value it is to be able to practice on their own real examples. What I personally really like about Deirdre is her natural way of acting, and her amazing skills to pinpoint her feedback for the client. Always respectful, but also not afraid to mention the behaviour that can actually be improved, this is of utmost value and a true gift to my clients. Of course, it’s not only what she does for my clients. I like working with Deirdre because she is enthusiastic about our topics, comes up with ideas for a session, which makes it all very easy and fun to work with her! Looking forward to our next session that is coming up! I can highly recommend her as a trainings actress!
Chantal Vroom

Communication Trainer, Basel 2017

Deirdre heeft met veel succes als trainingsacteur voor optiekstudenten van de Academy van Specsavers gewerkt. Haar toegankelijkheid, haar inlevingsvermogen en haar gerichte feedback op gedrag maakte dat alle studenten een stap konden maken in hun ontwikkeling. Ze is deskundig, goed voorbereid en makkelijk en leuk om mee samen te werken.
Lisette Opdam

Coach en trainer, 2014


Voor VluchtelingenWerk Utrecht en Stichting BMP heeft Deirdre een workshop gegeven over interviewtechnieken. Deirdre had een zeer professionele houding in deze opdracht; ze weet waar ze over praat en is een ervaren trainingsacteur. Ze dacht actief mee over de mogelijkheden voor de inhoud bij de workshop. Ze stelde de deelnemers snel op hun gemak bij de oefeningen door haar enthousiaste en open persoonlijkheid. Door haar duidelijke aanwijzingen en nuttige tips konden de deelnemers tijdens het rollenspel direct verbeteren. Tijdens de workshop was Deirdre erg flexibel en speelde goed in op de vragen en situaties. We hopen in de toekomst weer gebruik te kunnen maken van Deirdre, want het was een zeer leerzame en nuttige workshop.
Charlotte Buitenkamp

Projectmanager, 2015

I took part in a Workshop at the Professional Women’s Group of Basel yesterday with the topic ‘Setting boundaries and saying NO’. It was very good to have Deirdre there to guide us in interactive exercises, showing the role of body language in an entertaining way. I also learned to pay attention to the relationship with the person that you are saying no to.
Aletta Karsies van Eden

Health Coach, 2018

I contacted Deirdre to participate at an event for the Professional Woman’s Group. We didn’t exactly know what to expect since role -playing is rather a new topic not explored before. Her dedication, preparation and execution of the workshop exceeded all expectations. She’s very passionate about her topic and extremely good at transmitting her message to the audience. The attendees were engaged and actively participating, we wanted the evening too last for ever. Thank you Deirdre for sharing your expertise with us!
Laura Salvador

Project Manager, 2017

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