About Deirdre

Theatre and interaction
Packing my bags and setting off into the unknown is what makes me happy. I love challenges and change: having lived in five different countries I now live and work both in The Netherlands and Switzerland.
I quickly adjust to new situations and challenges, essential qualities for a trainings actress!

With role play and practice I can transform a tricky situation into one that works. I love motivating people with a healthy dose of humour, but am not afraid of holding up a mirror to participants, if necessary. I can be quite direct, but since I focus on facts I always remain objective.

After drama school I performed on the stage for many years and had small parts in TV and movies. My voice can be heard on several radio and television commercials. This experience all feeds into my work as a trainings actress.

My stage experience helps me portray a wide range of convincing behaviour and roles. There are not many situations or characters beyond me. Nothing is too extreme!

Coaching people through role play and feedback really plays to all my strengths, my skills and who I am. I love developing myself through different techniques such as mindfulness and meditation, which feed into my sessions. I am deeply inspired by ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie.

Step out of your comfort zone and YOUR magic begins
Training and diplomas
  • Chrysalis Theatre Acting School, London, UK
  • Michael Chekhov Studio, New York, NY
  • Voice-over Training, Panache, Amsterdam
  • Music education seminar Metzenthin Zurich, Switzerland
  • Courses in coaching and counselling
  • Dubbel E Acteerservice, postgraduate training for trainings actors, Amsterdam
  • Mindfulness (MBSR)
  • One year course: THE WORK (Byron Katie), facilitator A. Heuvink
  • Systemic role playing, Centrum Open Mind
My love for theatre and interaction
At 18 I went to a small international theatre school in London, with tremendously passionate teachers who kindled my love for the theatre.

In winter we huddled around little gas stoves, woolly hats low on our head, learning our lines for one of the many productions.

After completing my training, back in Amsterdam, I played for many years on stage.  One evening though, after a wonderful show in the Stadsschouwburg, I had a bike accident which forced me to take a break from acting. I decided to switch gears and became a tour guide travelling the world.

I became more and more interested in the interactions between people; as a tour guide I could not always solve every problem, but I could make sure people felt heard and understood.

In the years that followed, my husband, our son and I lived in France, Switzerland and eventually in Holland again. I decided to enroll in a certified postgraduate training for trainings actors, combining both my experience and my passion.

I currently work internationally as a trainings actress for business, retail, care institutions, tourism, temping and non-profit organisations.


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